CONET Phone-Mod – Extended Interception Protection for IP Telephones

With the remote control function of IP telephones, external access is possible to use them for room monitoring/surveillance, thus intercepting talks unnoticed. The CONET „Phone-Mod“ eliminates this risk by using an intelligent modification of the telephone hardware without impeding the functionality of the telephone.

  • Prevention of tapping via external access
  • Hardware deactivation of the microphones and connections
  • Comfortable working without functional impairment


Customary IP telephones lack the deactivation of the microphones one the hardware side. The internal microphones and microphone connections of the telephone are in the standby mode merely deactivated by software. This means that it might be possible for hackers to manipulate the software control in order to misuse the IP telephones for eavesdropping.

Basically, the respective access rights normally should prevent non-authorised persons from accessing the software. However, there is the latent risk that these barriers could be broken by eventual external assaults. Especially in security-critical surroundings at public authorities, energy providers or even in the financial sector such risks are unacceptable.

CONET Phone-Mod Closes Critical Security Gaps and Guarantees Tap-proof VoIP-based Communications

The CONET Phone-Mod facilitates three important hardware modifications on the IP telephone:

  1. If the handset is on the hook, the handset microphone is switched off by hardware, thus preventing any noises from being fed into the signal flow at this point.

  2. Along with the disabling of the handset microphone, the connection point for headsets is switched off as well.

  3. In the same way the handset and headset microphones are disabled, the internal hands-free microphone is deactivated if the handset is on the hook and it can only be activated by picking up the handset, i. e. a conscious and active intervention of the user.

Funktionality Chart

Illustration: CONET Phone-Mod - calling security and conversation confidentiality for IP phones

Thus, the CONET Phone-Mod guarantees, that the telephones are tap-proof as long as the handset is still on the hook and in this state cannot be used for acoustic surveillance of rooms.

CONET’s specially developed solution offers a decisive advantage compared to other hardware-interventions: The telephone can be fully used including headset-functionality or hands-free mode simply by taking the handset off the hook. Thus the increased security does not impede the usual and comfortable work with the telephone.


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