CONET LIFE – Our Philosophy for Mission, Vision & Culture

Success. Our Passion. - As service provider and employer, we together create the right work.

CONET LIFE Success our Passion

CONET has its own distinctive identity, which we have written up in our corporate constitution. This constitution defines our principles, our mission and our vision. It also governs the guidelines for our working together at CONET – our culture.

This culture sets the rules for our daily dealings with each other and formulates our expectations towards collaboration within our teams and with our customers. It emphasizes the responsibility of the individual and helps our staff to employ their potential in their daily work optimally, thus creating a good working atmosphere and a high customer satisfaction.

While steadily comparing our performance with the market’s requirements, we define our strategy on the basis of our corporate constitution. From this again, we derive our short- and medium-term operative goals and our employer branding – to present CONET as a powerful, reliable and attractive employer. We see all this as our common task and the basis for our working together – our CONET LIFE, in which people work for and together with people!

Our Mission

We are the medium-sized challenger in the IT market. We convince our customers not only with our solution’s quality – we also inspire them with our strong passion and our excellent performance. In our daily work, we aim at a balanced partnership between enterprise, employee and customer. Together, we are able to tap the full potential of modern information technology as a driver for innovation, efficiency and sustainability. 

Our Vision

Our goal as a group of companies is a dynamic, flexible and market-oriented growth. As a TOP IT consultancy, we always want to be the first choice for our customers and employees! To achieve this, we pursue a transparent strategy and set ourselves ambitious corporate goals. At the same time, we still preserve our medium-size company structures and working methods, which make us stand out from the market.

Our Culture

Experience and live L.I.F.E.

  •  Long-term successful customer relationships: We stand for the goals and values of our company, thus achieving sustainable success for both customer and CONET.
  •  Innovation providing strong customer benefits: We are pragmatic, creative and think in solutions to achieve customer benefits (internally & externally).
  •  Fair leadership & cooperation: We – both employees & executives – work together as a team with empathy and social competence.
  •  Employee’s personal responsibility: We assume responsibility for our actions and utilize our scope for decisions.

Leading I.D.E.A.L.-ly

  • Individually: We encourage and promote our employees individually but always with regard to the work-life balance.
  • Durable: We offer excellent education perspectives through a sustainable HR development.
  • Effectively successful: We communicate our goals in a SMART way (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Terminated) and support appropriately to achieve these goals.
  • Attitude: We are role models. Through our actions, CONET LIFE comes to life.
  • Loyalty: We trust our employees and give appreciative feedback.


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