Desktop Virtualization with VMware View and VMware ThinApp

Increase the availability, the efficiency and the reliability of your desktops by running VMware View on your VMware vSphere infrastructure.

We create realiable IT Infrastrutures for your Success!

As these desktops are virtual machines they benefit from all advantages of the vSphere environment. vMotion, DRS and HA guarantee the high availability of the desktops and an efficient use of your data processing center capacities.

Optimize the desktop provision and desktop management. Offer your users managed service desktops and increase the scalability of the desktop while at the same time reducing your investment costs by saving on desktop hardware. Your software developers will profit from high speed clients because they run on server hardware with high performance and draw on the efficiency of a shared storage. Planned and unexpected shortfalls can be avoided by using effective business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for your desktops.

Your users can access their personalized desktops including all data, applications and settings everywhere secured by SSL. The desktop remains well protected in your VMware data center. Or you provide your mobile users with an offline desktop by checking it out of the data center and carry it on your mobile Windows terminal. The virtual hard disks of the offline desktop are encoded, thus protecting your data against loss of integrity. Furthermore, you continue to control whether the mobile user may introduce third party data into the offline desktop and which USB devices he or she may use. Fulfill your IT Compliances without additional costs and extra efforts.

During the online contact to the data center the user can request a remote data backup or can be efficiently provided with system updates from one central service point. Increase your mobile users’ satisfaction.

Our specialists will gladly support you with the following services portfolio:

  • Design of your VMware View environment
  • Determination of the required VMware host capacities
  • Selection of suitable shared storage systems
  • Configuration of the VMware View environment according to the best practices of the suppliers
  • Analysis and optimization of the VMware View environment
  • Implementation of security and disaster recovery measures

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