Data Processing Center Solutions with VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere is the industry-leading virtualizing platform to setup cloud infrastructures and enables the reliable implementation of crucial business applications.

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With VMware vSphere, you will reduce your investment and operations costs while at the same time increasing your IT service availability.

Reduce your hardware and operating costs by a further 50 percent and your energy costs by 80 percent through consolidating servers and optimizing your hardware’s workload.

Administrate and control your virtual machines from one central office. You can reduce your costs for the supply of new systems by about 70 percent. Heterogeneous x86-based operating systems like Windows, Linux and Netware systems will work together on one single hardware platform.

VMware ESX, VMware vCenter, vMotion and DRS enable a dynamic allocation and the distribution of computing capacities as well as an optimized allocation of virtual machines in the data processing center. Thus, resources can be provided exactly where they are needed. Live migrations of virtual machines help to maximize the performance and the elimination of short falls of services, e.g. during hardware maintenance periods. Make your business-crucial services highly available by automation and optimization of your virtual infrastructure.

Our specialists will gladly support you in the following fields:

  • Design of your VMware data center
  • Determination of needed VMware Host capacities
  • Configuration of your VMware systems according to the best practices of the suppliers
  • Analysis and Optimization of VMware environments
  • Operation and advancement of your VMware data center
  • Implementation of security and disaster recovery measures

For VMware infrastructures CONET offers presently a special “Health Check” at a fixed price of 990,- Euro plus VAT in order to keep your infrastructure fit and with high performance. Further details to this special offer you will find in our flyer ( see download section).

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