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Extensive statistics and reports on inventory and load balancing provide you with a full overview concerning actual workloads, enabling you to manage, plan and consolidate your infrastructure more efficiently.

Virtualized and connected world

The broad prevalence of buzzwords like virtualization together with the real added values these concepts provide make it impossible to ignore this topic. But taking a closer look, it becomes evident sooner or later that there is no light without darkness.

Whether virtualization is really the proverbial silver bullet in your organization's struggle against increasing costs and administrative efforts and, if so, how this highlight can be used effectively, are questions that remain unanswered more often than not. NetIQ PlateSpin, however, can give you these answers, and more, by offering a broad range of specialized tools for evaluation and management of virtualized IT infrastructures.

Virtualization: Four steps that will make it work!

As a rule, any successful virtualization szenario as well as any effective and sustainable management of partly virtualized environments follow the same general path, which can be divided up into four separate stages:

  1. Analysis
  2. Consolidation
  3. Disaster Recovery
  4. Management/Controlling

The first step, i.e. basis analysis and the adjustment of existing infrastructures, is in NetIQ PlateSpin covered by the powerful PlateSpin Recon module.

PlateSpin Recon: Management of capacity and consolidation planning

A basic but still reliable analysis of existing infrastructures and processes is the key prerequisite for any fitting design of consolidation measures - independent of whether you are dealing with purely physical, heterogeneous or completely virtualized architectures.

Any onetime evaluation will, however, only deliver results for a specific moment in time and cannot take developments, peaks or downtimes into account. But the demands towards and corresponding loads on your infrastructure components are changing dynamically all of the time. Consequently, realtime information and scheduled reports and evaluations are needed by IT management staff to get a reliable basis for their planning. These data required for efficient operations are delivered by PlateSpin Recon - fast, reliably, concise and tailored to the individual information needs.

Due to its extensive support functionality for most diverse platforms, PlateSpin is also able to provide you with cross-system statistics for building inventory and adjusting the workload balancing in heterogeneous architectures. The resulting overview covers all aspects of hardware usage and all the applications running thereon. Instead of having to rely on simple intuition, you thus get a solid foundation on which to built a comprehensive assessment of the actual situation and the planning of future initiatives for optimization.

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