About JBoss Application Server / jBPM

The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform combines innovation with stability by complementing a leading application server for Java EE with additional components for advanced functionality.

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Originally, all products and solutions offered by JBoss had been developed solely by the open source community and on the initiative of their large pool of application engineering specialists.

Since having been taken over by Linux distributor Red Hat in 2006, the ongoing development and support are increasingly cared for not only by the community, but also by Red Hat's permanent developing and service personnel.


JBoss Application Server

The JBoss Application Server stands at the center of the JBoss infrastructure portfolio. Just like all the other established components, it had its origins in a JBoss Community project and is today one of the most highly distributed Java application server worldwide.

As a powerful platform for the development and running of Java applications, web solutions and portals, the JBoss Application Server is fully certified for the use with Java EE (formerly called J2EE). It offers its users the full spectrum of Java EE functionality as well as advanced enterprise functionality like clustering, caching and persistence.

jBPM - JBoss Business Process Management

In the overall architecture of the JBoss infrastructure, jBPM offers an easy-to-use solution for business process management (BPM), thus supporting the modelling and orchestration of business-critical processes.

The jBPM's core component is a relatively small but highly scalable workflow engine. It has been developed solely with Java, therefore facilitating comfortable and flexible adjustments, combinations and controlling of business processes in line with your organization's individual requirements.

JBoss and CONET

Java-based solutions play an important part in many software development projects. Consequently, the use of all the different leading enterprise platforms, which besides JBoss also include major players like BEA Weblogic and IBM WebSphere, is a core competence maintained and advanced constantly by CONET.

Especially in CONET's software engineering teams, experienced consultants and software engineering professionals are always ready to design and implement modern and lastingly successful applications for advancing your enterprise architecture!


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