About Citrix Provisioning

Citrix Provisioning is a solution that supports streaming, that is, the provision and distribution of operating systems from a central location on which these are stored as standardized images.

Image: open tin can

When applications, servers and client operating systems are virtualized, then the need for centralized storage capacity is immense. Citrix has a solution here as well with which time, effort and costs can be controlled.

Citrix Provisioning allows for the streaming-on-demand provision of operating systems.

Whether client or server operating systems, on physical hardware or virtualized, all areas can be conveniently covered from a few centrally-stored images.

Efficient IT operation with the use of central ressources

No local hard disk drives are necessary for operation: the operating system runs directly over the network – and is just as fast as if it were locally installed.

Citrix Provisioning is just as suited to the resource-conserving centralized provision of desktops as it is to the provision of similar servers.

Free your servers, too, of hard disks and thus save administrative work and costs!


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