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CAT, an acronym for computer aided testing, describes a system for psychological diagnosis and analysis, with which testing procedures are accelerated and results more reliable than with manual tests. 

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Originally developed on initiative of the Psychological Services Division of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) in the 1980s, IT service provider GiKOM CSE AG in Bonn had taken care of the CAT system's customizing and advancement for some time. 

Since the IT consulting and engineering specialists of CONET Solutions GmbH took over the respective departments and staff, all tasks in servicing, developing and expanding the CAT system have been the sole responsibility of CONET.

Due to the complexity of the testing procedures and mechanisms being used and the just as extensive infrastructure developed for supporting them, an economically sensible use of CAT will only be possible with a high testing frequency and a large number of tested individuals. Therefore, the system's use has so far been restricted to scenarios in organizations who concentrate on human resources management for special tasks.

Current CAT users include:

  • Psychological Services Division of the German Armed Forces
  • Psychological Services Division of the German Federal Employment Agency 
    (Bundesagentur für Arbeit)
  • Federal Ministry of Defence (Austria)
  • Swiss Armed Forces


The use of a central portal and regular meetings of the so-called CAT Usergroup ensure a comprehensive advancement of the system with respect to the actual demand of the organizations using CAT. The developers and system engineers are continuously working to adjust CAT to the latest scientific results and findings, e.g. by including adaptive testing methodology. All customizing and engineering expenses are spread over all members of the usergroup, thus enabling an economically attractive model for development and usage.

The technical basis of the system is formed by Microsoft's engineering platform .NET, on which CONET also develops systems for e-recruiting and a whole range of individual solutions for special requirements.


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