SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience Suite

SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience (SAP CX) is a suite consisting of five cloud solutions for end-to-end management of the customer experience. From front to back office, they realize a unified view of the customer and replace any isolated solutions of previous CRM systems.

As an official SAP partner, we have been advising our customers for over 30 years. In doing so, we focus on long-term successful customer relationships. SAP CX is also pursuing this goal. Used correctly, the cloud platform transforms anonymous visitors into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

SAP C/4HANA becomes SAP Customer Experience

Until now, SAP has addressed the topic of customer experience with the C/4HANA Suite and the solutions it contains. The modules and their functions remain the same, but the suite now has a new name: SAP has renamed C/4HANA to SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX).

What is SAP CX?

Photo: Customer data in the cloud at a glance

SAP CX is a customer experience suite, which enables personalized and contextual communication with your customers. With five integrated cloud solutions, SAP CX manages the entire process from initial lead to contract closure and service support. As a result, your company can develop a customer experience that creates lasting customer loyalty. The suite combines multiple SAP modules, allowing you to benefit from a 360° customer view.

In addition, the CRM platform can be directly linked to SAP S/4HANA. In this way, you expand customer insights with valuable information on past purchases, invoices, pricing, deliveries and inventories. This enables complex analyses using artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are valuable additions to the processes in marketing, sales, service and e-commerce.

The five cloud solutions of the SAP CX Suite

The SAP Customer Experience Suite offers no less than five cloud solutions with different focuses. In combination, they unfold a fully comprehensive customer experience management that takes care of your target groups at all points of contact with the company.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Bild: SAP Marketing Cloud

360° profiles show you exactly what your customers expect and bring your individual campaigns to the right target groups! This way, your marketing is optimally supported.


Advantages and functions

  • With SAP Marketing Cloud, you have an real-time overview of 360° customer profiles, which contain all relevant data (e.g. master and transaction data, interests and buying behavior).
  • Via drag and drop, you segment your desired target group based on a wide range of characteristics (e.g. demographic data, interests and past interactions).
  • You provide individual offers via campaigns and automated follow-up scenarios.
  • You manage your budget efficiently and keep track of all expenses at all times.
  • Using sentiment engagement, you check the current mood and opinion of your target groups and react immediately to possible changes in sentiment.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Photo SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is your new online store that offers your customers unique shopping experiences.


Advantages and functions

  • Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, your online store offers relevant product recommendations, cross- and upselling, customer-specific offers or discounts.
  • Your store users benefit from an easy-to-use search and navigation function.
  • Your company efficiently and reliably manages employees, users, cost centers and budgets.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud allows diverse reviews and sharing of product recommendations.

SAP Service Cloud

Photo: SAP Service Cloud

Your call center or on-site service receives all relevant information at the right time to achieve the highest satisfaction!


Advantages and functions

  • You inspire with an excellent service experience. Thanks to standard customer profiles and histories, you always know what is expected of your services, products and company.
  • You manage all customer and service tickets quickly and easily - so inquiries end up in the right place immediately.
  • With SAP Service Cloud, you access customer data from anywhere - even offline.
  • You keep track of past customer interactions or product purchases.
  • You support your sales experts with the help of task and route planning, time recording and automated control.

SAP Sales Cloud

Photo: SAP Sales Cloud

Guide your customers through the buying journey and surprise them with the best offers!


Advantages and functions

  • You manage your leads and opportunities in one portal and complete your sales activities on all devices at any time - even offline.
  • In your personal dashboard, you can see your sales performance and tasks to do, get support from sales colleagues thanks to the integrated influencer map and successfully close your deals.
  • Using SAP Sales Cloud, you get a 360° overview of products, offers, orders and customer information.
  • Thanks to real-time analyses and machine learning, you benefit from cross-selling and upselling - the software knows what your target group wants.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Photo: SAP Customer Data Cloud

Offer a digital community with the highest security standards according to GDPR!


Advantages and functions

  • You integrate your own customer community via a personal login area.
  • Using SAP Customer Data Cloud, you create trust and security thanks to highest data protection standards.
  • Your customers can transparently access the stored data and authorizations.
  • You promote your personal fan community with exclusive news as well as individual offers and ultimately benefit from a loyal customer base that supports your company even in difficult times.

Qualtrics Experience Management

Bild: Qualtrics Experience Management

Know the current thoughts and feelings of your customers and employees at all times to avoid dissatisfaction and provide excellent experiences!


Advantages and functions

  • Qualtrics collects so-called experience data (X-data), which is analyzed in real time and provides you with valuable customer insights along the customer journey.
  • You combine Qualtrics' X-data with your operational data (O-data) from various areas (for example HCM, Supply Chain, Finance and Service Center) and identify the drivers behind these operational numbers at any time.
  • Thanks to real-time analysis and your personal dashboard, you react quickly as soon as the customer experience reveals negative trends.
  • Automated intelligence supports you with best practices, advanced analyses, text analysis tools and an intuitive survey editor.

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