Industry Solution IS-DFPS

With the SAP industry solution defense forces & public security an efficient planning system is available not only to the defense sector

Image: Armed Forces

The armed forces, police and relief organizations have to react ever faster to new challenges. Against this backdrop the SAP system employed must provide sustainable support for mapping out exercise and deployment structures with all their administrative dependencies, especially with regard to provision of personnel and material supplies.

Because of these special tasks SAP developed the industry solution IS-DFPS (Industry Solution Defense Forces & Public Security) within the scope of a Strategic Development Project (SDP). SAP offers a highly flexible and dependable planning and control instrument not only for the needs-based dispatching of personnel and materials for the armed forces and security organizations, but for complex industrial environments as well. 

The centerpiece of the solution is the organizational flexibility (OrgFlex) with the following functionalities:

  • Flexible mission planning as well as identifying of operational readiness
  • Assignment of operational forces and skills (principle of task force)
  • Initial treatment for operational actions
  • Relocation of existing alliances/forces
  • Processing of changes in contingent
  • Subsequent care of forces by depicting supply relations
  • Moving contingents back to their place of origin 

Realization Expertise

Our specialists have supported the development of the industry solution defense forces and public security (IS-DFPS) from the very beginning, making CONET the ideal partner for the implementation and customization of this system according to your special requirements.

As a RampUp Partner, CONET Business Consultants GmbH has at its disposal a tried-and-tested IS-DFPS demo system. Our consultants possess wide-ranging expertise in all SAP modules as well as many years of experience with the structures, processes and functions in the armed forces and in industry.

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