The grown IT architecture in small and medium-sized enterprises can not always live up to its full potential to meet the daily business requirements.

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Thus, the handling of self-developed applications is often far too complicated. Processes are inefficiently organized and contain media breaks. Versioning and interfaces are not compatible; hardware-components are not efficiently implemented or even no longer in use. In some cases the whole IT-infrastructure is only insufficiently protected against attacks and outages.

Often there is no complete overview over all systems in use; or applications originally designed for other tasks are misused for other requirements and modified which leads to increased costs and competitive disadvantages. However, often the laboriously customized isolated solutions do not provide the expected facilitations.

If you take a closer look, it is often possible to enable comprehensive and efficient processes within your own IT architectures with a few targeted interventions or amendments, thus saving a few ten thousand euros per year!

Need an IT Check?

A CONET process expert and an IT infrastructure specialist will evaluate for one week thoroughly and in close cooperation with your employees your business processes and your software and hardware in use.

Trust our experience as a medium-sized and established IT consultancy. Let’s get the most out of your IT!

A similar analysis and initial consultation mostly does not exceed the amount of 10,000.- euros. CONET has specifically standardized its IT check by utilizing its long-standing project experience and aligned it with the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises: Currently, we are able to offer you the CONET IT check for an unbeatable 4.990,- euros!

You will get a detailed documentation of our evaluations and a fundamental potential analysis for an efficient use of IT in your enterprise as a result of our IT check:

Processes and Applications

  • Concentrate on your core business, use only those applications which really support your business and save on software, maintenance and licence costs!
  • React flexibly on market changes, create manageable, lean and agile business processes and accelerate your process cycle times!
  • Achieve sales increases of up to 25 % through modern web and communications solutions which seamlessly interlink your employees, customers and partners!
  • Secure your systems fail-safely against external attacks and get your IT into a modern, fast and easy to use shape – fit for the future!

Systems and IT Management

  • Which IT components are used and which hardware can be dispensed with to save on maintenance and operational costs?
  • How well does your IT depict your business processes? How can manual additional extra work, media breaks and inconsistent data storage be avoided?
  • How can your systems run more reliably and faster by simultaneously meeting the legal archiving obligations and data protection requirements?
  • Which organizational and technical potential is available to inspire your business with accelerated processes, seamless integration and cost reduction?

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