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Data Operations

Data Operations (DataOps) manages the data within scalable infrastructures. At this point, you form the basis of the success of your data intelligence strategy.

Grafik: Integrierte Data Intelligence mit CONET

Small and big data become smart data. Our data and process specialists will accompany you - from consulting to implementation - in the design of high-quality data architectures on which the other elements of the data intelligence cycle can be based.

Our Services

(Big) Data Architectures

  • Infrastructures: Cloud and on premises, distributed and centralized systems, NoSQL and SQL, data lake
  • Analytics architectures for batch and/or streaming (realtime)
  • System design for scalable data intelligence systems
  • Data warehouse foundation


Data Integration and Harmonization

  • Integration and composition of interfaces
  • Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Internet of things: Design, setup and operation
  • Open data


Operational Support

  • Operation and scalability of systems
  • DevOps


Data Lifecycle Management

  • Archiving of data
  • Hot, warm and cold storage
  • Data access management

Contact us

CONET offers you individual consulting, from a free and non-binding first discussion as well as one-day workshops for demonstration and initial situation analysis to the complete data intelligence project.

Feel free to contact our experts for questions about data intelligence. The initial consultation is not binding and free of charge.

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