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Comprehensive IT consulting, business consulting, process management and enterprise architecture management by CONET do not stop at technology, system or departmental boundaries. Our CONET experts cooperate closely with our customers in setting the right course towards a stable and profitable future business and IT.

Quick Start:

In the ever evolving business world of today, the limiting lines between management and technology are becoming increasingly blurred. Business processes, functional requirements and technical opportunities are mutually influencing and depending on each other.

Our cross-section competence teams for business and IT consulting – consisting of CONET experts with different business backgrounds, technical expertise and industry experiences – will make your challenges their own and gladly assist companies and organizations not merely in a technical way, but also from a professional, procedural and strategic point of view, thus always keeping the big overall picture in mind instead of merely fixing small individual solution bits and pieces:

In the past, the introduction and integration of standard and highly specialized individual software were paramount, often in combination with the optimization of business processes. Nowadays the companies perceive their IT less than a mere working tool but as a value-adding competitive factor. Therefore, they aim to establish a holistic and enterprise-wide process across internal organizational sectors. For this, it is indispensable to suitably anchor the information technology in the company strategy.

The architecture is of a central strategic importance because it determines many system properties and many important dynamic factors: Flexibility, extensibility, adaptability and scalability of the application environment depend on the architectural structure. A comprehensive, service-oriented and strategic enterprise architecture management forms the indispensable basis for an integrated, unified and reliable IT landscape.

The realization of sophisticated enterprise solutions requires effective software engineering methods which ensure precise planning and implementation. Depending on the scope, set-up and necessities of individual projects and environments, we will use generative software techniques (MDD/MDA) as well as traditional methods (V-model/RUP) but just as well agile approaches like Scrum for the design and development of our solutions.

Technology nearly always is a means to an end. Nowadays, it offers a real option to achieve competitive advantages for the IT landscape. The use of innovative technology will open up chances to accelerate dynamic business processes and to develop completely new business models. CONET verifies new standards and technologies with its expert teams at an early stage, thus collecting profound and valuable knowledge about frameworks, portals, BPM tools, JEE application developments and other proprietary and open source-based modeling and development tools.

Consulting by CONET is vendor-independent, solution-driven and flexible according to your demands and requirements. Being experts for all leading business models, methods and architectures like BPMN, ITIL, TOGAF or NAF, CONET’s consulting experts guarantee the highest possible level of efficiency, service and compliance with all relevant quality, procedural, legal and professional standards.

Analyses, Evaluation & Design

CONET follows tried and tested methods with every basic analysis and evaluation of existing IT and process landscapes.

Building on existing, proven, off-the-shelf solutions whenever possible and taking technical requirements seriously, our experts design concepts and studies that explain in detail the core points of a future IT solution, which features you really need, and which extension options you have.

If necessary, we assist you subsequently with the evaluation of the different technologies to help you make the decision between an extension of your existing IT infrastructure or a complete restructuring and to independently select suitable hard- and software.

Our analysing and design services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Analysis and definition of the requirements
  • Conceptual design and implementation of study projects
  • Vendor-independent evaluation of solutions and products
  • Assistance with the selection and procurement of software and hardware

You may well trust in our long-standing experience and independent consulting whenever you consider changing your IT landscape substantially.

You will then be as safe from unwelcome surprises as possible and will get new systems which fully meet your expectations as well as your professional requirements but are neither over-sized nor unnecessarily expensive or too limited in scope or power to become ineffective.

Tender Management

In times of pan-European tenders, the requirements and the number of necessary documents threaten to become quite unmanageable.

Furthermore, in the case of IT projects, a high degree of additional technical expertise is also needed to achieve a technically and strategically fitting and sustainable solution for the future.

As IT consulting provider of more than 30 years, we know the challenges and pitfalls in the European law and the respective national legal regulations, based on our own experience in numerous bidding processes. As a long-standing partner of public administrative organizations, we always strive to providing our customers with the best of our hands-on experience. Take advantage of our expertise for your projects:

  • Which aspects are of special importance within IT project tenders?
  • How can you compile your requirements in a specification in such a way that in the end you will get the solution you really need?
  • How should a conclusive evaluation of the different offers be conducted within a tender?
  • Which work packages, technical components and customary conditions are hidden behind the chosen wording?

These are merely a few of the central questions for which we can help you get reliable answers. With CONET you are always well advised in external calls for tenders!

Project Management

IT projects are today characterized by their increasing complexity and extensive requirements towards internal and external service providers.

Tight budget limits, restricted personnel resources and the often hardly manageable technical know-how needed for IT projects are only some of the main challenges that the project manager is facing every day.

In the daily work, these factors can complicate a solution-oriented project control by emphasizing complex planning and routine tasks instead of concentrating on the core solution objectives. External partners can efficiently support you in this aspect. For us, the project management is a central element of our daily business. Our wealth of experience is at your disposal.

CONET project management assistance includes:

  • Tried and tested procedure models
  • Structured proceedings based on proven state-of-the-art process descriptions
  • Flexible processes and individual consulting with the focus on the requirements and necessities of every single project
  • Planning and organization of personnel capacities, technical expertise and all other aspects of the „daily doings“ in the project

Our project professionals are ready to assist your project management! We will gladly discuss your requirements with you and give you a first impression of our project work. Successful IT projects are neither coincidence nor witchcraft, but like so many other things in life they are the result of combining experience, competence and dedication!

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