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The German Armed Forces currently face the most severe changes and challenges since their foundation, both in regard to structural as well as operational tasks.

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The reorientation and realignment being undertaken at the moment put strong emphasis on the efficiency in dealing with day-to-day tasks as well as higher effectiveness in the field. At first glance, information technology might not be a central point of interest in this regard.

But today, a powerful, reliable and effective IT can make the difference, both for the basic armed forces management as well as in supporting command and control tasks in interational operations, as is evident in the still popular term 'network centric warfare'.

True to the motto 'cutting costs by using IT instead of disusing it', a whole range of examples and success stories show that information technology in all its diversity is able to provide real added-value in process management and an increase in efficiency for the armed forces and other defense and security players.

CONET's extensive experience across many markets and customer segments has made the systems and solutions specialists one of the best prepared and knowledgeable medium-sized partners for the defense and security sector. CONET professionals for IT and process optimization are providing the German Armed Forces as well as different NATO agencies and international armies with fitting IT solutions vendor-independently and in a number of elementary and trend-setting projects and IT tasks.

CONET core services for defense and security include:

  • Accessible websites like and based on CONET's own content management software CONET Media Suite
  • Supply chain management solutions and advanced planning and scheduling for a reliable and intelligent planning for the supply of maintenance resources
  • Consulting and design in reorganizing the procurement and management of resources
  • Major contributions to the ongoing SASPF project of the introduction of SAP standard software into the German Armed Forces (migration, change management, accounting and controlling)
  • Extensive demo scenarios and quality assurance for the newly developed SAP industry solution for defense and public security (IS-DFPS), able to simulate all the necessary planning and operation for using SAP in the field
  • Studies on concepts for migration, consolidation and enhancement of command systems
  • Development of a fully deployable data centers (DDC), which forms a mobile IT platform for running SAP systems in the field
  • IP radio integration and conferencing solutions like the CONET UC Radio Suite (UCRS), which offers important integration functionality for bridging the communicative gap between future digital radio standards and the radio transmission, telephony, mobile phones and other mobile appliances being currently in use with the armed forces
  • Analyses and research regarding diverse technological issues like the introduction of the telephone standard IPv6 or cyber war and cyber security scenarios 

These are just some of the major examples for how CONET supports the German Armed Forces as well as public security agencies in keeping pace with technological developments and new demands on their way into a stable and secure future.

By actively participating in a number of industry associations of German IT, security and defense companies, we are continuously expanding our knowledge and combining our expertise with that of our partners in order to be able to provide our customers with the best availabkle solutions for their enduring benefit.

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