CONET has been a reliable and highly competent IT partner for SAP, Infrastructure, Communications, Software and Consulting with the focus on Cyber Security, Cloud, Mobility and Big Data since 1987. Besides the group holding CONET Technologies Holding GmbH, CONET provides its services via three major subsidiaries, in which technology know-how and professional expertise of the respective consultants, engineers and system integrators are concentrated. Additional service providers, regional companies and a broad network of sales and implementation partners offer specialized solutions for individual customer requirements.

As the groups holding company, CONET Technologies Holding GmbH concentrates on administrative tasks including human resources management, corporate communications, marketing, procurement and corporate finance management. In general, CONET relies predominantely on its own staff and resources to take care of these central tasks instead of sourcing key corporate services out to third-party providers. CONET Technologies Holding GmbH is thus able to provide extensive and comprehensive corporate services to its affiliates, minimizing coordination efforts and keeping internal processes fast, lean and flexible.

But CONET Technologies Holding GmbH is not simply about managing and administration: The holding company takes an active part in forming the corporate identity and with it the work and life in the CONET companies in accordance with the guidelines laid down in our corporate governance code and corporate philosophy CONET LIFE, which puts strong emphasis both on customer orientation and employee orientation.

The focal point and main beneficiary of CONET Technologies' services are of course the CONET subsidiaries. Additionally, certain management units like procurement and marketing are also offering their services externally, for example to fulfil the company goal to act as a full service provider by complementing their affiliates' project solutions with related services like developing easy-to-use and attractive graphical user interfaces or producing training and marketing materials.



  • Human Resources Management:  Salaries, fleet management, HR development and recruiting for all member companies
  • Finance: Accounting, controlling, risk management, quality management
  • Procurement: Procurement and contract management
  • Marketing & Communications: Corporate design and identity, with special emphasis put on gaining and retaining customers, event management and public relations

Following our motto "Professional SAP solutions for a better business", our management and technology specialists offer a broad portfolio of IT solutions for process optimization and business support in industry and public sector organizations. As a leading management and IT consulting company, CONET Business Consultants GmbH offers innovative solutions with a focus on SAP.

In the CONET Business Consultants GmbH we concentrate our process and technology know-how and the extensive SAP project and development experience of our SAP professionals in powerful teams with the flexibility of a medium-sized company. Our main goal is to further strengthen our position as one of Germany's top ten SAP consultants for the public sector. But also as customer of the defense sector or a private business you may well rely on our customized SAP solutions and expertise.

We look forward to cooperating with you and will be happy to show you our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and strong employee motivation in future projects on SAP consulting and IT solutions, which will benefit your organization and will help you to advance your business for future success!


  • SAP Consulting: Accounting, Real Estate Management, Human Capital Management, Logistics
  • Process management: Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance, BPM
  • SAP Engineering: SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal, SAP Integration, Industry Solutions (SAP Defense Solution), Development & Administration

CONET Services GmbH offers one-stop managed services from data center operations, ITIL-compliant support and disaster recovery to cloud computing and hosting, making CONET your perfect partner for all tasks and issues arising from IT management, IT ifrastructure and IT operations - with vertified experts in all leading technologies, its own secure data center situated in Germany and reliable service and support structures.

Our market specialists constantly expand our IT services portfolio to offer key solutions which are aligned closely and individually with our customers' business processes, optimize daily business routines and are able to cope with the ever increasing demands for higher levels of system stability, availability and security.



  • Consulting: Design and support of migration processes, implementation of ITIL-based processes and business process management
  • IT Operations & Managed Services: Innovative IT solutions for operations and support, including security-certified staffing and operational responsibility
  • Data Center Services: Software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service all the way to extensive hosting, ASP and cloud services including compliance and disaster recovery in CONET's own data center
  • IT Solutions for Finance: Proximity solutions, low-latency networks, direct market access (DMA) and market data

The most senior CONET company addresses diverse tasks connected with modern IT in infrastructure, communications and software solutions. CONET offers you innovative IT solutions, enduring success and a professional and reliable cooperation that will generate tangible benefits for both sides. For CONET, one major characteristic of any successful project is the level of lasting customer satisfaction achieved with the results.

This satisfaction we regularly confirm with corresponding customer surveys among our clientele, which includes leading private enterprises like Telekom, DHL and Bayer, federal ministries, state and municipal authorities as well as the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). CONET is well aware of all these different customers' needs and expectations and aims at providing solutions that fit individual requirements and infrastructures best.

At the same time, our experienced CONET consultants also look beyond established boundaries in order to make the successful ideas and concepts of past projects in one industry sector also available to a broader customer base in other markets. Especially in economically difficult and sometimes unpredictable times like these, the full potential of information technology as a constant source of innovation, key factor for sustainability and a driving force towards enduring economic and business success may thus be used to maximum benefit.


  • Infrastructure: System integration, migration and virtualization of IT infrastructures in Microsoft, Citrix and Novell architectures and others
  • Communications: Critical communications, design and implementation of IP-based communications solutions for customer interaction and application integration with and enhancing of standard communications technology
  • Software:  Application development for collaboration, web solutions and web integration on the basis of e.g. Microsoft, Novell and open source technology

In important junctions of interaction and communications like private call, contact and service centers, public control centers or corporate control and management centers, requirements regarding availability, failsafe operation, efficiency, quality of service and legal regulations for documentation and traceability add to the already complex technical prerequisites for powerful software and efficient processes.

CONET Communications aims at tackling all these challenges together with you, creating service and control centers that deserve their name and live up to all these diverse expectations. Make sure to profit from the year-long experience of CONET Group with unified communications and let us be your reliable partner on your way into a successful IT future.



About ACT Group

More than applied computer technology. For more than 35 years ACT has supported companies and organizations as IT service providers in the optimization and smooth operation of their IT. ACT plans, establishes and oversees infrastructures and develops individualized customer communication management solutions, analyzes business processes and supports the operating organizations with qualified services.

ACT and CONET have been working together as a sister companies since 2017. Find out more about the services, solutions and core competences of the ACT Group on the homepage

About Babiel GmbH

Babiel is an agency and business consulting company specializing in online communication and B2B e-commerce. The company advises, develops, implements and coordinates the creation of websites, online portals, apps and online shops. Babiel has been active in the digital market for more than 25 years and has a broad spectrum of experience, which has received numerous awards such as the reddot design award and several Mobile World Summit awards. Today, Babiel employs more than 100 specialists and is headquartered in Düsseldorf, with additional offices in Berlin and Vienna.

Babiel has been a member of the CONET Group since 2018 and complements CONET's solution portfolio particularly in the high-demand areas of digital communication solutions and e-commerce. For more information, visit the Babiel website at

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