Customer Communication Management

Solutions for efficient customer communication management (CCM) enable personalized, interactive digital communications via various channels in realtime, leading to a significantly improved customer experience. At the same time, CCM simplifies adherence to compliance requirements and accelerates the digital transformation in customer communication with transparent processes as wel as uniform and consistent creation and management of documents!

Customer Communication Management is an Important Asset

The age of digitization is changing markets and industries. Customer expectations and communications are in transition, especially in regulated B2C sectors such as insurance, banking, public corporations, utilities and telecommunications. Unilateral, static and paper-based information flows are replaced by interactive forms of communication accessible through all channels. We are passionate about helping our customers communicate with their target audiences better, faster and more responsive.

Increase your customer loyalty with a platform providing multiple strategic benefits

CCM software platforms can automate personalized, real-time customer communication across multiple channels, as well as streamline internal processes to save time and money.

High Return on Investment

Individual Customer Communication

Market research institutes such as Forrester came to the conclusion that the investment costs in the introduction and modernization of old document and output management systems often have an ROI of only 12 months due to standardization and efficiency gains

Data is extracted from various existing professional applications. The integrated logic of leading CCM solutions enables custom data, layouts, content and complete processes to be used for personalized communication.

Cross-Channel Communication

Dynamic Documents

Customer communication must be channel-independent and mobile. Centralized CCM solutions deliver layouts and templates in a unified design, thus creating customer loyalty through trust. "Dynamic Documents" provide the customer with interactive features such as embedded video, graphics or real-time calculations.

We Breathe Targeted Communications

A targeted communication via all accessible communication channels often requires a modernization of the existing workflows and processes as well as the word processing and output management systems used. Our team helps companies in modernizing their traditional document processes to more effectively orchestrate their document output. In doing so, we ensure seamless integration into new digital communication requirements.

Our mission is to efficiently create, organize and access relevant information and data for customer communication throughout all usable communication channels. Our services are delivered at the interface of business requirements to IT, ranging from CCM evaluation to the introduction of market-leading technologies to the complete service of migrating custom document templates.

Our Strengths

Market leading CCM technologies

We focus on the latest and future-proof solutions by working only with market-leading CCM software vendors. Open standards, easy integration into existing environments and highest performance enable a stable digital infrastructure.

Differentiation through business understanding

Our business and promise to our customers is focused exclusively on CCM topics. We provide our services in B2C industries, focusing on insurance and banking at the interface of business requirements to IT.

More than 13 years of CCM project experience

Due to years of experience, we offer individual solutions as well as implementation and migration support based on proven methods and technologies. Our employees have up-to-date and deep product knowledge of CCM software vendors such as kühn & weyh, Quadient, Adobe AEM and OpenText Exstream.

Trust and respect as success factors

Over the years, we have been working closely together with our selected software partners and our customers in a sustainable and trusting manner. Our working methods are transparent, quality-oriented and proven, so that established value-adding relationships have developed over the years.

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