About genua

For data communications in security sensitive environments, genua and CONET offer two valuable, highly secure solutions: the firewall and VPN appliance genuscreen and the mobile security device genucard for VPN communications, one of currently just two solutions to have been certified for VS-NfD (Confidential – For Official Use Only) communications by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik - BSI).

Many VPN solutions provide a reliable encrypted connection to your network, but they neglect the risks that notebooks – and in the end your company network, too – face when they are operating in public networks that very often are poorly secured like e. g. public hotspots in cafés or airport lounges. In the worst case they involuntarily open up a connection between a public hotspot network and your company network– with incalculable consequences for your information security.

With genucard, genua takes a different approach than other VPN solutions – and thus offers one of currently only two products that hold the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik - BSI) certificate for the level „Confidential – For Official Use Only (VS-NfD)“.

genucard – an autonomous high security package

genucard comes as an independent security appliance with an independent, hardened operating system and will be connected to your notebook via USB. The integrated firewall will only let through allowed communication and connects via a strongly encrypted VPN. With genucard, connections can be established via Ethernet, WLAN or UMTS/EDGE. The external VPN solution will still be effective even if the notebook has been compromised by malware. Additional features include the authentication via Smart Card and a central management for the control, configuration and update of your genucard appliances.

genua and CONET: Strong partners for your network security!

Many companies of the private sector as well as public authorities – from Federal Ministries to the local government – trust in CONET’s long-term IT security competence for the establishment and operation of sensitive infrastructures. CONET supports its customers from the infrastructure analysis via the design and revision of security concepts up to the implementation of complex security solutions. For the first time, we can now offer a VPN solution that fulfils the strict criteria of the BSI for VS-NfD (Confidential – For Official Use Only) communication: the genucard by genua Gmbh.

We will make your security our first priority.

Arrange an appointment with our experts today! Our highly trained and certified consultants with long-term project experience will gladly support you in the design, evaluation and integration of genucard into your network.

Success Stories

Successfully realized VPN projects by CONET include:

  • Supporting the introduction of new design and technology for a Wide Area Network including the integration of VPN solutions for an automotive supplier
  • Design and prototype testing of an intranet for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) for command operations and operation
  • Support with the help of VPN mechanisms based on IPSEC in order to provide the necessary confidentiality
  • Supporting the overall IT operations including establishing the VPN connection for a private bank
  • Realizing an IP-supported telephone system and establishing a VPN connection to the company network for an Internet provider


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