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KEMP Technologies is the industry leader in price/performance value for load balancers and application delivery controllers and is helping business growth by providing 24/7 infrastructure availability, better web performance and efficient operations. CONET uses KEMP Load Balancers e.g. in implementing powerful Microsoft Exchange architectures for securing high levels of availability, performance and efficient operations.

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KEMP Load Balancers optimize web and application infrastructures for high-performance, flexible scaling, security and ease of management. Network administrators are put into a position to gain more control and more reliable predictability of their IT infrastructure and to  to ensure the highest levels of application availability and integrity. Reduce the total cost-of-ownership for web infrastructure with flexible and comprehensive deployment options.


Load Balancers offered by KEMP Technologies

  • Virtual Load Balancers: Powerful virtual load balancers for VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen and VirtualBox
  • Hardware Load Balancers: KEMP's rack-and-go hardware load balancers feature up to 10.2Gbps throughput & ASIC-based SSL acceleration
  • Cloud Load Balancers: Optimized load balancers for Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud deployments. Available for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
  • Load Balancers for Bare Metal: Convert your industry leading server hardware into a high performing L4-7 load balancer with KEMP’s LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS)

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