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Certified consulting, integration and engineering expertise for powerful enhanced solutions and add-ons are CONET's trademarks in using Cisco technology. Besides our Technology Developer Partnership, specialty certifications for Collaboration Architecture form a firm basis.

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For more than ten years, CONET – currently certified Cisco Premier Partner – has been extending its integration and development competencies in powerful supplementary solutions for Cisco architectures constantly.

The specialty certification for Collaboration Architecture, especially for Cisco UCCE and UCCX and combined with the long-standing Technology Developer Partnership, forms a firm basis for targeted consulting and value-adding solutions provided by CONET Solutions in Germany and CONET Communications in Austria.

IP Communications and Value-Adding Modules for Contact Centers

For the special demands and challenges in the everyday work of contact centers and service centers, contact center solutions by CONET offer value adding modules for facilitating workflows, reporting, desktop integration and flexible management, planning and control of employees and resources in customer care.

As a Technology Developer Partner, CONET also expands upon Cisco IP telephony solutions with our own XML-based products and modules. IP phone solutions by CONET, for example, which is certified for use with the Cisco Call Manager, facilitates the use of certain features valued in traditional telephony in IP communications, such as manager assistant functionality and pickup groups, as well as targeted phone blocking.

Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) & CONET UC Radio Suite

In the fields of security, defense and public security, CONET uses the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) as the basis for a number of modules of the CONET Unified Communications Radio Suite (CONET UC Radio Suite / UCRS): a powerful critical communications solution which provides control rooms and command centers with a comprehensive integration of most diverse channels from analog telephone to digital radio like TETRA, TETRAPol and PMR as well as information systems, public sounding, video surveillance and emergency call & response infrastructures.

With the help of the CONET UC Radio Suite (UCRS), the control center will finally be true to its name and become a center for communication and information exchange with a unified user interface equipped for most diverse usage scenarios in aviation, transport, industry, smart cities, utilities, public safety and defense.

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