IT and Cyber Security

An integrated cyber security strategy, comprehensive IT security consulting and powerful IT security tools constitute a firm basis for your lasting business success.

Data losses, hacker attacks and their consequences are on the agendas not only since the wikileaks incidents or several customer data scandals. Experts expect these to be just the tip of the iceberg and that the real damages are beyond our common imagination.

CONET provides comprehensive IT security solutions in the following fields:

  • IT security & identity management (data security, endpoint security, network security, internet security etc.)
  • Access management
  • Information security
  • IT risk prevention

IT Security and Identity Management

In order to minimize risks for the IT security, the hazards must be known and quantified. Only then preventive measures can be determined, specific endangerments recognized, threats eliminated and prevented for the future.

The prevailing circumstances are constantly changing. The implementation of an efficient IT security concept is not only a continuing improvement process aiming at a fixed ideal. It is much more about a continuing construction process which has to be adapted continually to new scenarios.

CONET has a long-standing commitment to answering these challenges with a dedicated competence team identity & security management (ISM) and will support you as your partner for all questions about IT security and information security in the areas of data security, endpoint security, network security, internet security and more.

Access Management

In the access management environment our consultants create modern, role-based access solutions (Role Based Access Control) and implement innovative single-sign-on solutions.

The field of access governance deals with the regulatory and legally required periodic re-certification of granted roles and access rights. Closely connected with these are the indispensable establishing of a sufficient segregation of roles and functions as well as an adequate auditing and reporting.

Information Security

CONET supports you in developing appropriate guidelines and strategies in order to implement information security in your company adequately. Together with you, we will document correlations between systems and central processes, identify risks and define suitable cost-efficient and effective countermeasures.

In addition to supporting you in the comprehensive implementation of security standards – like “BSI-Grundschutz” and ISO 27001 – we also offer you an individually customized consulting regarding information security. This sustainable consulting may take place in the form of awareness workshops or special coaching for IT security officers. Furthermore, CONET has well-proven specialists in the field of audit resolution consulting, i.e. support in eliminating audit findings in information and IT security efficiently.

IT Risk Prevention

Based upon a comprehensive analysis of the specific requirements, CONET will assist you in identifying weak points and risks, developing a fitting strategy and identifying and implementing suitable measures, e. g. effective protection of workstations, mobile management and all the aspects of network security.

IT Security Consulting by CONET

As a vendor-independent consultant and partner of leading suppliers, CONET will find suitable solutions for your identity & IT security management. Solutions – not only of technical brilliance but also of economically viability.

Depending on the respective security requirements, the state of IT security and the expected threats CONET will find the best conceptual and technical options for you. This might be at first individual actions to averting acute dangers but also comprehensive and long-term IT security strategies.
CONET’s certified specialists will continually monitor all affected processes and falls back on a huge expertise from numerous international projects already implemented for medium- and big-sized customers.

Even for the very security-sensitive financial sector, CONET offers complex and highly professional solutions.

With CONET at your side, you can relax and concentrate on your core business – very safely!

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