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Comprehensive IT consulting, business consulting, process management and enterprise architecture management by CONET do not stop at technology, system or departmental boundaries. Our CONET experts cooperate closely with our customers in setting the right course towards a stable and profitable future business and IT.

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In the ever evolving business world of today, the limiting lines between management and technology are becoming increasingly blurred. Business processes, functional requirements and technical feasibility are mutually influencing and depending on each other.

Interdisciplinary competence teams comprised of CONET experts with diverse professional expertise, technical knowledge and industry experience address these challenges and advise corporate and public sector and non-profit organizations not only in respect to the best suited technology, but also in all questions concerning functionality, processes, best practices and strategy.

CONET consulting is vendor-independent, solution-driven and flexible accoding to your demands abd requirements. Being experts for all leading business models, methodology and architectures like BPMN, ITIL, TOGAF or NAF, CONET’s consulting experts guarantee the highest possible level of efficiency, service and compliance with all the relevant quality, procedural, legal and professional standards.

  • Business Consulting & IT Consulting
    Consulting services for strategic planning, business management, processes and organizational management – in connection with information technology solutions and IT architectures, but also without single-mindedness on IT and additional focus on business issues and process management.
  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
    Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) offers a strategic, conceptual and organizational framework for designing, implementing, advancing and flexibly adjusting your IT landscapes to new requirements and demands. Established frameworks such as TOGAF or NAF are the basis for powerful and reliable architectural solutions.
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
    Evolving and changing markets and business environments make agile business processes a necessity for staying productive, competitive and successful. Business Process Management (BPM) offers the needed methodology and technology for modeling, configuration, operation and monitoring of flexible processes fit for future business challenges

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