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According to the motto „More reliable. More accessible. More comprehensive.“ Red Hat offers its efficient, flexible and secure Linux operating system for a broad scope of hardware architectures, hypervisor systems and clouds.

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Open-source-based systems like Linux are characterized by the manifold scope of distributions and products with which many different technology and solution providers cover special enterprise requirements. As a leading provider of open source solutions worldwide, Red Hat offers a broad scope of cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux and middleware technology developed in their own community:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server which has been designed for modern data centers according to Red Hat itself, has anticipated alterations in the IT landscape and is currently obliterating the lines between physical and virtual data processing and cloud computing. It offers comprehensive crosslinking and virtualization, extensive security and advanced multicore hardware. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server supports all leading hardware architectures, provides compatibility between releases thus providing an update and support life cycle of ten years.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop combines a robust, secure IT infrastructure for business desktops and laptops with leading applications and features for e-mail, messaging and browsing developed by the open source community. The enclosed desktop tools like the communications and presentation tools published by are fully compatible to Microsoft Office. The client installations can be precisely customized and back-upped to any workstation to meet even the highest visualization and interactivity function requirements.

Red Hat Network Satellite

Red Hat Network Satellite is an user-friendly system management platform for Linux infrastructures for administrating growing IT landscapes with hundreds or thousands of servers just as easily as one single server. In combination with the smart management add-on Red Hat Network Satellite offers a powerful system administration function for administration, provision and supervision with the help of which you can much easier and efficiently provide, scale, administrate and hold Linux consistent within your organization.


Spacewalk is an open-source-based management solution for Linux systems. The community project forms the basis for the Red Hat Satellite products and offers various opportunities for an efficient and comfortable software content management. Spacewalk offers you an updated overview regarding versioning and planned measures in your systems via an integrated monitoring function and supports an automated update, configuration and provisioning management.

CONET and Red Hat

As a long-standing partner of leading Linux providers, CONET has gathered comprehensive expertise with different Linux distributions and their implementation and administration into server and desktop landscapes in numerous projects in the private and public sector.

We offer provider-independent consulting with the selection of suitable systems and tools, implement value-adding and innovative solutions based upon tried and tested technologies and assist you with the introduction and the operation of these infrastructures.

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