NetApp Storage for Server Virtualization

The virtualization of server infrastructures makes only half the battle won. Storage has also to be considered as an integral part of any successful solution for an effectively virtualized system architecture.

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Server virtualization is the ideal solution for any organization looking for new and more efficient perspectives in planning and implementing their IT solutions.

Whether your goal is to cut administration and investment costs, increase scalability or improve your service level agreements (SLA), the integration of storage into your overall virtualization strategy will help you considerably in meeting these objectives.

Solutions for storage management orchestrated closely with a comprehensive server virtualization are provided by NetApp especially for the use in virtualized Microsoft and VMware environments and offer: 

  • Cost cutting of up to 50 % for energy, cooling and space needed
  • Decrease in the overall data center costs
  • Accelerated provisioning with server and storage resources 
  • Automation of highly labor-intensive tasks in data management, e.g. with disaster recovery
  • Improved scaling of virtualized infrastructures and handling of larger data volumes without loss of performance or new investments into additional storage capacity being necessary

NetApp Data ONTAP - SnapManager - Operations Manager - Plate Systems

For the administration of the respective storage infrastructures, NetApp uses its own operating system Data ONTAP 8, with which you can manage your data, application and infrastructure components flexibly and efficiently.

In today's fast moving businesses, periodical and consistent backups are essential for any successful enterprise. The SnapManager products provided by NetApp enable you to set up backup scenarios in virtualized environments as well as for backend systems like SQL, Exchange, SAP or others easily and fast.

Furthermore, the central console of the Operations Manager software provides a comprehensive interface for detailed monitoring and easy-to-use storage management, enabling fast reactions to changing business requirements towards your storage resource infrastructures.

For the physical storage itself, NetApp offers a number of plate systems with different characteristics, i.e. the FAS6200, FAS3200 and FAS2000 series. In their scope, capacity and performance they vary considerably and therefore provide fitting solutions for the special requirements of different enterprise sizes and usage scenarios.

CONET's specialists look forward to offering you detailed presentations and consulting on the diverse technical and conceptual chances and possibilities regarding storage virtualization strategies on the basis of NetApp technology. As NetApp Gold Partner we have the resources and the know-how needed to design and implement a fitting solution that provides all the answers to your storage and infrastructure challenges. 

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