NetApp Storage for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

With NetApp's highly flexible, available and cost reducing storage solutions you tap the full potential of your virtual desktop infrastructure in the most effective way possible.

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Desktop virtualization enables you to provide and manage desktop environments and applications centrally. Thereby you facilitate a direct access by the users to a virtual desktop via the standard network infrastructure without limiting their control over their own personalized desktop environment.

Storage constitutes an integral component in this overall architecture, because many of the benefits offered by virtual desktops will not materialize when increased storage costs and insufficient flexibility in the provision and management of resources counter them.

NetApp offers you an ideal technical basis for providing the needed flexibility, availability and cost-effectiveness in your virtual desktop infrastructure.

NetApp's storage management solutions in close connection with comprehensive desktop virtualization strategies are especially developed for the use in virtualized Microsoft, Citrix and VMware infrastructures and offer:

  • 50 % reduction of needed storage capacity due to removing redundant desktop and user data
  • Reliable provisioning of any number of desktops in the course of mere minutes
  • Data access anytime due to failsafe and efficient storage infrastructures and load balancing
  • Immediate securing and backup of all end user data

NetApp Data ONTAP - SnapManager - Operations Manager - Plate Systems

For the administration of the respective storage infrastructures, NetApp uses its own operating system Data ONTAP 8, with which you can manage your data, application and infrastructure components flexibly and efficiently.

In today's fast moving businesses, periodical and consistent backups are essential for any successful enterprise. The SnapManager products provided by NetApp enable you to set up backup scenarios in virtualized environments as well as for backend systems like SQL, Exchange, SAP or others easily and fast.

Furthermore, the central console of the Operations Manager software provides a comprehensive interface for detailed monitoring and easy-to-use storage management, enabling fast reactions to changing business requirements towards your storage resource infrastructures.

For the physical storage itself, NetApp offers a number of plate systems with different characteristics, i.e. the FAS6200, FAS3200 and FAS2000 series. In their scope, capacity and performance they vary considerably and therefore provide fitting solutions for the special requirements of different enterprise sizes and usage scenarios.

CONET's specialists look forward to offering you detailed presentations and consulting on the diverse technical and conceptual chances and possibilities regarding storage virtualization strategies on the basis of NetApp technology. As NetApp Gold Partner we have the resources and the know-how needed to design and implement a fitting solution that provides all the answers to your storage and infrastructure challenges.

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