NetApp Storage for Business Continuity

Data security and high availability are key aspects of any IT strategy. They minimize the risks of data leaks and loss of data as well as general downtimes and guarantee lasting compliance.

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With the volume of processed data and the demand of shortened backup intervals increasing constantly, traditional methods like backups on tapes can no longer keep pace with these requirements.

At the same time, it is also a simple truth that you cannot generate income as long as your business is not ready for it or if you are not able to get regular business running again fast after a system or site breakdown.

NetApp addresses challenges like these with its storage products and provides state-of-the-art storage solutions that are up to current and future requirements regarding operational efficiency and flexibility at the same time.

The integrated data security mechanisms offered by NetApp provide high availability, backup, compliance and disaster recovers services right out of the storage platform and thus enables you to replace a large number of different products and solutions with a single, powerful and highly efficient unified storage platform that will add significant value to your business processes:  

  • Reliable data leak and data loss prevention
  • Constant performance, availability and recovery in course of mere minutes
  • Increased storage and network efficiency while also using less resources in the process
  • Guaranteed compliance with service level agreements and legal regulations
  • Easy administration and management of your complete storage infrastructure

NetApp uses a number of different modules for its integrated storage management:

NetApp Data ONTAP 8: NetApp's won operating systems offers high levels of both scalability and storage flexibility. Using an efficient on-demand storage system, data flows, applications and infrastructures can be managed easily, including diverse requirements in connection with NAS, SAN, multi-protocol and multi-client capability.

NetApp RAID-DP: RAID-DP is a double parity RAID 6 implementation and a standard component of the Data ONTAP operating system. Even if a double breakdown of plates should occur, data loss is effectively prevented while the overall performance of the complete infrastrucuture is not impaired in the slightest.

NetApp Snapshot: This snapshot technology enables you to create time-controlled copies of file systems for securing data during regular operation and within mere seconds - from single files to the even most complex backup and disaster recovery solutions.

NetApp SyncMirror: With SyncMirror information and data are kept up-to-date at all times and applications as well as single users can access mirrored data without administrative actions being necessary or delays occuring during regular operation. Trouble shooting is thus possible without disruptions or downtimes. Furthermore, plate reading operations are also accelerated, because simple reading access can also be provided from the mirrored data copies.

NetApp Data Motion: Data Motion facilitates an easy and fast migration of data across several different storage systems without disrupting the access to data or applications. The commonly used storage infrastructures remains accessible, even if capacity is expanded, technology components are upgraded or the load balancing is adjusted.

NetApp FlexVol: With FlexVol you can create virtual drives and volumes and can manage and relocate these independently of the physical storage resources. This in turn facilitates a highly flexible and failsafe reaction to changing storage demands, more efficient load on all storage systems and a reduction of investments necessary for new plate systems.

(Source: NetApp)

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