E-mail security and archiving with GWAVA

Together with its partner CONET, GWAVA offers you tried-and-tested solutions for e-mail archiving, anti-spam protection, e-mail backup and mail server management. Thus, you are able to manage your entire enterprise communication in a more efficient and secure way.

Clogged mail boxes, local archiving files, data loss, unsatisfied employees – with the right software these problems are solved.  

With GWAVA you lay the foundation for a legally secure management of your company communication.

GWAVA offers a reliable protection for your mail server from spam mails, viruses and malware thus helping your employees to continue their work undisturbed.

From e-mail archiving via mobile device archiving to social media archiving GWAVA software covers numerous areas of applications. It supports many different platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, GroupWise, Gmail, BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Facebook and Twitter. With the help of intelligent  e-mail archiving, you can relieve your mail server’ work load, improve access speed and increase the service level of your entire IT infrastructure.

CONET and GWAVA: Competency in Security

CONET is an authorized GWAVA partner. We will gladly assist you with the integration of GWAVA software in your enterprise. We want you and your employees to work securely and without having to worry about mail attacks or data losses. 

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