About Ericom Connect

With Ericom Connect your workplace of the future can be realized efficiently and elegantly with a highly modern, cost-efficient and fully scalable solution as part of the progressive digitalization.

In times of progressive digitalization many enterprises face the challenge to design their processes and workplaces in a more cost-efficient way in order to remain sustainably competitive.

Our gold partner’s product suite Ericom Connect promises up to 50 percent of savings in the field of licence, maintenance and operating costs for the managed access environment.

Apart from the cost reduction Ericom Connect offers several other benefits:

  • The solution is based upon a grid architecture and is therefore extremely efficient and scalable
  • Administration with the help of a central, modern web-frontend/dashboard for all administrative tasks and reports
  • Implicit high availability with the applied grid technology
  • Additional management server can be added without a great effort
  • Up to 100.000 users can be administrated per management server
  • The included Ericom Secure Gateway supports a two factor authentication
  • Rapid availability (a basis installation in less than one hour)


CONET’s experts will gladly assist you with the realization of the managed access solutions Ericom Connect in your enterprise.

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