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Social software has long outgrown its image as being nothing more than a time-consuming add-on. Today it plays an important role in increasing efficiency and reducing costs in businesses of all kinds.

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Many an enterprise and organization are currently looking for suitable technologies and tools to make their own wealth of data more easily accessible, connect distributed teams and accelerate collaboration and innovation lifecycles at the same time. 

HCL Connections: Social software for your enterprise

HCL addresses these challenges with its social software suite HCL Connections, which enables you to act more innovative and deal with daily tasks faster and more efficient by using dynamical networks of co-workers, partners and customers. With its comprehensive functionality, HCL Connections covers all the favoured elements of social software:

  • Individual profiles with personal tasks, interests and areas of expertise
  • Specialized communities for organizational units or professional fields
  • Blogs, forums, wikis, messaging and media archives for sharing information
  • Activity Stream showing all activity in networks and integrated third-party-systems like SAP
  • Integration of personal e-mail and calendar into the Connections homepage
  • Community media gallery for easy distribution and managing of images and video files
  • Community calendar for an easy management and coordination of events
  • Community ideation as an easy platform for the management of ideas and ensuing projects
  • Extensive metrics on the use and possible optimization of the community and contents

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