About IBM Technologies

IBM Business Partner CONET develops diverse solutions based on Big Blue's products like IBM Notes/Domino and WebSphere. CONET has up-to-date experience with IBM hardware (especially in the areas of SAN and server systems), and operates this in a number of different environments.

» IBM-Notes-based Content Management

To meet the modern challenges in the field of Web Content Management, Media Management and Social Software Integration CONET has developed the CONET Media Suite which has secured its position as the market leader in the past 15 years now and with more than 200 implementations in the IBM Domino-based CMS solutions sector.

» IBM Notes & Domino

Powerful data management, messaging and workflow functionality paired with a valuable basic platform for comprehensive individual applications and special development

» About IBM WebSphere

Powerful product portfolio offering not only the central platform of the WS Application Server but also comprising extensive business process solutions and an integrated development environment

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