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The high performance and scalable SAP data storage technologies offer the perfect solution for your special enterprise architecture, no matter whether with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) or SAP Business Objects BI (SAP BI).

SAP Business Warehouse

With the current developments of SAP technology, the position and the sustainability of SAP BW has been significantly improved.

It is not only the fact, that BW has been the first large application which has been made operable for the in-memory platform HANA.

Apart from that, the current version offers numerous features like new design tools, tools for copying whole data streams, new provider types, improved partitioning opportunities and much more.

With "BW on HANA", BW has become sustainable as well for big data and the growing demand for self-service solutions for BI (heading workspaces).

SAP Business Objects BI

For many enterprises (as well for those who already use BW) it might be sensible to count upon a BI architecture which is at home in heterogeneous environments.
During the last years an unique solution has grown up on the market: SAP Business Objects BI.

An elaborate server architecture offers numerous user-friendly features for the assignment and the administration of rights, the distribution of reports and the access to nigh all kinds of data sources without any further data storage or data loading processes.

And for additional data transfers, harmonization or enriching SAP BusinessObjects Data Services will offer you valuable functions to fulfill your tasks.

Our experts will support you with comprehensive consulting competence with the introduction of SAP Business Intelligence in the following application fields:

  • Information requirement analysis
  • SAP BW architectural consulting
  • Merging, harmonization and consolidation of data sources and applications (ETL processes, SAP BW backend activities)
  • Modeling and implementing of integrated planning, controlling and management processes
  • Performance optimization
  • Design and realization of reporting applications
  • Training and education


Synergy Through ERP Know-how
In collaboration with our specialists for ERP-based business processes (Financials, Logistics, HCM, RE) we offer you a comprehensive and integrated consulting approach.

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