Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)

Managed Security in the SOC Tailored for Medium-sized Businesses

Most leading IT security solutions are oversized for medium-sized businesses in terms of costs and personnel. The CONET Security Operations Center, however, offers a custom-fit solution for small and medium-sized businesses: with transparent service packages, experienced specialists and a simple setup, you are protected efficiently and comprehensively.

Digital Image: Cyber Security Shield

Digitization holds many potentials and advantages for your company. However, it also provides new ways of working, new gateways for cyber attackers and increased white-collar crime....

These new cyber threats require adapted security concepts.

At the same time, all expenditures are under scrutiny and the cost-effectiveness of deployed IT solutions is becoming increasingly important.

Are you Secure?

Two key questions illustrate the need for and the tension between security solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • How much IT security do you need?
    • Do you know your legal requirements?
    • Do you know how secure your IT currently is?
    • Can you reliably assess your risks from the latest attack methods?


  • How much IT security can you afford?
    • Are all your current expenditures under scrutiny?
    • Do you need new security concepts for new ways of working?
    • Do you have to consider security AND cost effectiveness?

The CONET SOCaaS - Custom-fit for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

There are only few tailor-made IT security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Most leading SIEM/SOC systems are oversized for this purpose and are geared to the structures of corporate groups. In particular, the follow-up costs and personnel requirements are often underestimated. In addition, there is usually a lack of specialists to effectively operate the complex applications.

The CONET Security Operations Center gives you the decisive competitive advantage: It offers you a customized bundled solution with the services of experienced security specialists for a comparatively low service fee.

This allows you to reduce unpredictable risks from cyber threats at a reasonable cost. The Managed Full Security Service is quick to set up and requires little involvement on your part.

Picture: CONET SOC as a Service: The perfect IT security addition for small and medium-sized companies

CONET SOC as a Service: The perfect IT security addition for small and medium-sized companies

Your Benefits of the CONET SOC for SMEs

  • Economical​
    Quickly noticeable security gains
  • Personal
    Fixed contact persons in Germany
  • Calculable
    Ongoing service fee instead of high investment
  • Professional
    Experienced specialists available on demand
  • Reliable
    Separate, non-compromisable environment
  • Tailored
    From medium-sized businesses for medium-sized businesses

With CONET, you can concentrate on your core tasks with ease.
Your security is in safe hands with us!

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