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Solutions and services for the financial sector IT offered by CONET include Proximity Solutions, Low Latency Infrastructures, Direct Market Access (DMA) and Market Data (Morningstar Realtime, Teletrader, Bloomberg).

Like no other economic sector, the financial markets are constantly striving to hold on to their firm footing in the middle of conflicting interests of their own business requirements, new market opportunities, statutory rights and obligations, high security demands and the day-to-day challenges of the global economy.

In such stormy seas of change, as they are today experienced by all financial markets worldwide, elementary abilities like holding onto a firm course while reacting flexibly to changing general climates are key factors for the success or failure of any business organization. Therefore, in this allegory, information technology might both be a driving force behind transformation and a valuable anchor in the rough waters of the global economies alike.

CONET Financial IT Services and Solutions Include:

CONET is familiar with all the challenges faced by its customers and adjusts its service offers regularly to its customers' needs. Due to our high level of flexibility and customer orientation we can keep pace even with rising expectations and provide fitting solutions that really support our customers in fulfilling their business objectives.

Success stories for such value-adding solutions are easily found: For example, we provide direct market access as well as the necessary low latency infrastructure via our own certified highly secure data processing center in order to safeguard a reliable trading performance. Furthermore, our proximity solutions facilitate a close connection to the stock exchange, leading to a fast execution of all customer orders. All these services are, if desired or required, strictly based only on the servers and applications provided by our customers.

With our independence from any financial institutions or big IT players we are able to guarantee to you a careful and diligent handling of all your business data. Enjoy a feeling of increased security and assign the strengthening of your core business capabilities and the operation of key applications to a partner in whose understanding and credibility you can really trust.

Use Cases:

  • DMA (direct market access) to all global stock exchanges in order to achieve the permanent ability to act and react

  • MISS – special architecture for customers of Deutsche Börse Group for a reliable execution of transactions (Eurex, Xetra, Xontro)

  • EBS / ETS – special architecture for customers of Deutsche Börse Group for a direct and failsafe connection with the trading systems Xetra and Eurex (proximity solution)

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