Consultants, Software Engineers and IT Infrastructure Specialists

As a successful, modern and expanding group of companies which still retains its midsize characteristics and working philosophy, CONET Group can offer you outstanding career prospects.

Bild: Aktenkoffer vor Nullen und Einsen als Symbol für IT

Developing suitable solutions for our customers requires a multitude of different skills and abilities. This is why committed consultants and business-oriented professionals find themselves just as much at home on our teams as do competent IT specialists and software engineers.

Our core markets are, however, in the German-speaking parts of Europe. Therefore, good German language capabilities are a major prerequisite for working at CONET, which is why we provide our further information on careers and jobs only in German language, too.

If you are still interested in working for us, please feel free to browse through our German careers section, the direct link to which you can find in the service column to the right.

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