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In the area of IT and data center services CONET covers the complete scope from the virtualization and hosting of data center infrastructures via storage solutions and cloud computing until backup and disaster recovery.

Apart from functioning networks, data center architectures and their connected systems form the IT infrastructures’ central backbone. The ever growing data masses demand a higher availability, failsafe performance and a versatility of systems and processes as well as a preferably automated IT & data center administration.

CONET offers a broad service portfolio in the field of IT & data center management and supports you with efficient solutions, beginning with the automated control and administration of IT resources, the maintenance of heterogeneous IT environments, the development of intelligent storage solutions until the data center regeneration of data processing centres as well as a comprehensive client, service and system management based on ITIL.

Our IT & data center solutions:


New system versions or structures, extended requirements and increasing cost pressure require a regular regeneration of the IT environment. Even an upgrade to a new version of the same software can be a huge challenge, if extensive customer developments shall be migrated into the new requirements.

If a complete migration due to ending support or economic considerations, e. g. from Open Source to proprietary systems or vice versa, is necessary, the internal IT departments soon reach their limits.

In case of greater interventions into the overall infrastructure, migrations need to be prepared in detail and implemented with as little effects to the user work as possible.

In the case of such critical interventions, CONET experts support their customers manufacturer-independently (SAP, Microsoft, Novell, Lotus Notes) where they lack their own know-how or experiences by focusing on the following points:

  • Software (operating systems, applications)
  • Data (transmission to other systems and applications, transformation)
  • Hardware (server, storage)

CONET’s first step to a successful migration is to analyze the actual state and the target scenarios, to evaluate and to calculate possible migratory paths and on this base to design and develop the new target infrastructure. Additionally, you will benefit from our comprehensive know-how in architectural consulting (EAM) and process optimizing (BPM).

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