CONET Mobile Radio Connector

The CONET Mobile Radio Connector offers a platform-independent way of connecting radio devices with IP-based communication networks.

Image: The CONET Mobile Radio Connector (MRC) of CONET UC Radio Suite with TETRA radio and GSM stick

The Mobile Radio Connector is a small-sized, robust and cost efficient way to connect radios with VoIP based communication systems.

It can be installed in small environments or vehicles. Moreover, it offers mobile usage like backpack applications for action forces.

Feature Overview:

  • Connectors for two independent radio devices
  • Support for analogue radios, PMR and  TETRA radio (PEI)
  • Three N/C or N/O contacts for connecting audio or visual alarms
  • Support for unicast and multicast
  • Configuration via Web browser
  • Push To Talk signalling via
    - HTTP Interface
    - DTMF (RFC 2833)
  • PoE powered  15,4 W (


  • ca. 142x148x28 mm

Functionality Chart:

Image: Functionality of CONET Mobile Radio Connector of the CONET UC Radio Suite


  • RJ 45 per radio port
    - Tx
    - Rx
    - PTT
    - Squelch
  • Impedance 600 Ω, 1,4V at 0 db/m
  • PTT Mode (electrical)
    - Relay
    - Ground bypass (RX GND to TX GND)
  • Squelch
    - Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
    - 12/24 V Signal
  • Serial port per radio port
  • Alarm 1,2 & 3
  • General purpose IOs
  • Line-In/Line-Out
  • USB (for optional extension, e.g., for 3G)
  • Serial (maintenance)
  • Ethernet


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