About SAP ERP Human Capital Management

Integrated human resource management for the support of strategic and operational tasks of your HR department

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SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management solution that delivers unmatched global capability for the depiction of hierarchical structures of a company and its contained relations (talent management).

In addition, it offers functions for the administration, accounting and development of your employees. This way, your HR department works more efficiently and more cost-effective.

SAP HCM consists of the following components:

  • Organization, HR and establishment plan mangement (SAP HCM - OM, PA, PM)
  • E-recruiting, time management, payroll accounting and development (SAP HCM – ER, PT, PY, PD)
  • Travel Management considering current legal regulations (TM)
  • Central information and self-services (Portal ESS/MSS)

Comprehensive consultancy on the current state of technology!

In a complex SAP software infrastructure, we know all components of HCM modules and are always state-of-the art. According to our integrated approach, we offer our entire portfolio from a single source. We also adapt software to you specific needs, implement, train your employees and give you technical support. Furthermore, we can assist you with smaller projects such as release changes, optimization of SAP solutions or the integration of current enhancement packages.

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